Onion Lake RCMP would like to hear from anyone with information on the theft of a backpack from the rodeo grounds on the reserve.

The incident happened around 4:00 am on June 30.

The backpack was later found but it had been burned using a gas canister stolen from a nearby campsite.

The pack belonged to a journalist who is hiking across the country and it contained various items collected on his journey.

Onion Lake RCMP Corporal Mike Rossett says witnesses report seeing several unfamiliar people in the area at the time:

“I guess, initially, when the incident happened, they saw four people in a group — they figured it was probably teenagers or something like that — walking away with his pack and nobody knew who they were.  And next thing you know, it was burnt.  So all that was destroyed, right — so it’s not like he can get that stuff back.”

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to contact Onion Lake RCMP or CrimeStoppers.