Some international students are visiting La Ronge this week.

Five students from Norway are visiting the community as part of an international field trip.

The trans-Atlantic journey was organized by the International Centre for Northern Governance.

Professor Greg Poelzer says this week’s event is really the second-half of an exchange-program that saw him and some Saskatchewan students travel to Europe last spring.

He hopes this week’s visit helps spark a fresh exchange of ideas between the young minds:

“So I give an example in Northern Norway, after the financial crisis in 2008, the unemployment rate tripled. It went from 1% unemployment to 3% unemployment. So there’s things we can learn from the Norwegians, there’s stuff they can learn from us.”

Poelzer says economic policy is just one of the many topics that are expected to be touched on.

Some of the other topics include Metis governance, social programs and corporate responsibility.

One of the students attending is from Eastern Siberia — giving this week’s event a truly international flavour.