It could be another 20 to 30 days before motorists can use a stretch of Highway 2 just north of Prince Albert.

It has been closed to light traffic for several days — and there had been some hope that the highway would reopen at some point this week.

Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency reports water is still seeping across the road.

He says the bulk of the water is coming from Sand Lake.

A natural lake, he says spring runoff and heavy rains have caused it to spill its banks.

They tried to divert the water southeast to the Little Red River, but the culverts at the Carlton Trail Railway couldn’t handle all the extra water.

Right now, he says they are trying to divert the water in another direction to the river, but it will take time.

Boyle notes the RM is also trying to come up with a solution:

“The RM of Buckland has hired an engineering consultant who’s working on a design to help them to divert water from Sand Lake into the Shell River.  So, that would be a longer-term solution.”

Meantime, a spokesman with the Ministry of Highways says heavy trucks are still being allowed to go through the flooded area for now.

Joel Cherry says there is a weight restriction on Highway 55, as well.