The skies are beginning to clear around Fond du Lac.

Smoke from a nearby forest fire had forced the evacuation of 241 people to Prince Albert earlier this week.

However, Victor Fern, an operations supervisor with the band, says most of the smoke is gone.

He says the weather has been overcast recently with a bit of rain which has dampened things considerably.

At the same time, he cautions evacuees won’t be brought back until it’s safe to do so.

“We want to make sure all the fire is out before we start bringing people back,” he says.

Deanna Wysoskey, who is with the Ministry of Social Services, says the government is helping the Fond du Lac band in an advisory capacity but the final decision on when the evacuees will return must come from chief and council.

“Yes, chief and council make the decision and then we take it from there to help the people return home,” she says.

She adds the evacuation has gone very well and everyone has been great to work with.