The finish line may be in sight for the decommissioning of the Cluff Lake Uranium mine.

AREVA spokesman Jarrett Adams says they still have to demolish the airstrip, camp, warehouse and a few other buildings but he’s hopeful that will happen before the end of the year.

After that, crews will continue to monitor the area so it can eventually be turned back over to the government.

Adams says they are also monitoring the radiation levels at the site to ensure they’re safe for anyone using the land traditionally

“That any person using Cluff Lake for traditional purposes or a casual occupant will not exceed any radiation dose limit,” he says.

Adams stresses a rigorous monitoring program will be carried out to ensure the site is safe before it’s turned back over to the province.

“We’ll still have a site presence this summer and then the goal is that by the end of the year (2013) we’ll no longer have a permanent personnel site present,” he says.

He says after that crews will head up a few times each year to monitor the area.