Two grieving families came together at Prince Albert provincial court today to attend a hearing for a man accused of running into and killing their loved ones.

21 year-old Jeremiah Jobb didn’t say anything as lawyers discussed his case.

He stands charged with two counts of impaired driving causing death and two counts of exceeding .08 causing death.

On July 14th he was allegedly behind the wheel of the vehicle that crashed into a car carrying 17 year-old Brandi Lepine and 21 year-old Taylor Litwin.

The pair were driving were driving at the intersection of 28th Street East and 12 Avenue East when they were hit.

Litwin died at the scene while Lepine was taken to hospital with critical injuries.

However before she died Lepine gave birth to a girl – three months premature.

The baby, Aurora, was just 2 lbs., 2 oz. when she was born.

However since that time she has gained weight and is now 2 lbs., 14 oz.

Josie Ledoux is the baby’s grandmother.

Standing outside the courthouse she wiped away tears while being comforted by family members.

She said she went to the hearing because she wanted to look at the accused and hopefully find some closure.

Ledoux said the loss has been devastating:

“What broke my heart is looking at him and realizing that my daughter is gone.  That my daughter won’t get to hold her baby, my grand-child,” she sobbed.

Taylor Litwin’s father, Derrick, was also there.

He said he and the other family sometime meet at the site of the crash to comfort one another.

“Yeah, yeah that helps to go up there…just go to the site of where it happened, and pray.”

Both families say they’re grateful to the community for the flowers and prayers that have been directed their way.

The next court appearance for Jeremiah Jobb is a bail hearing on August 21st.