It promises to be a special show at Back to Batoche celebrations this year.

The fabled Bell of Batoche is expected to be unveiled at the historic site on Saturday afternoon.

Claire Belanger-Parker is one of the event organizers and she says it’s hard to put into words what it will all mean.

“This is a story that you will be sharing with your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren,” she says. “We’ve been waiting for that bell for 128 years and it’s coming back to the Métis people this weekend.”

Events got underway Thursday morning with jigging workshops, square dancing and the Métis “Got Musical?” showcase.

The event runs until Friday.

A special mass is scheduled to take place on Saturday for the bell’s return with a Catholic bishop on hand.

Then on Sunday the bell will be taken to the historic site where it will be rung to honour those who died in the Battle of Batoche and are buried in the cemetery.

The 20 pound silver bell was seized in 1885 by government soldiers after the famous battle.

It eventually wound up in a legion hall until it went missing in the early 1990’s.

Saturday’s event is open to everyone.