A number of the world’s up and coming and established golfers took to the links Thursday at the Dakota Dunes Open including Aboriginal golf pro Notah Begay the third.

Begay, the only Native American on the PGA Tour, is in the Saskatoon area for the week and will take part in a number of community events including a special Aboriginal youth golf clinic, which he will host on Saturday.

As part of the clinic, Cameco Corporation is covering the costs of bringing in kids from northern Saskatchewan to take part and Begay says he plans to keep things simple and show what a positive outlet a sport like golf can be.

“Just giving them a preliminary introduction to the game but also the messaging behind sport,” he says. “What sport can do for people and recreational activities like that whether it’s basketball, hockey, golf, soccer – any of those sports can provide a young kid who is having issues personally with a positive outlet to blow of steam, to blow of stress and give them something positive to look forward to in their lives.”

The Dakota Dunes Open is also one of nine golf tournaments selected to take part in the inaugural PGA Tour Canada.

The tournament winds up on Sunday.