Water is continuing to rise at Cumberland House.

This morning government officials said flows were thirty-five hundred cubic metres per second.

The average speed is five to six hundred cubic metres.

Spokesman for the Water Security Agency, Patrick Boyle, says water levels at Cumberland Lake will likely be higher than the flood of 2011:

“We’re looking at a forecasted peak on the lake between 268.4 to 268.7 meters.  That’s expected to occur sometime between July 11th to July 16th.

In 2011 the lake peaked at 268.37 metres.

1,200 evacuees have been placed in locations around the province with 800 of them going to Prince Albert.

Officials say they are also monitoring the water quality at Lake Diefenbaker.

Runoff is increasing the level of microbes in the lake.

Officials say they’ll be watching closely for e-coli and coliform.

Still they stress this is only being done as a precaution and things like OK right now.