The Wandering Spirit Grave-site in Battleford has been vandalized.

It’s the site where the bodies of eight First Nations warriors were dumped after being hung in Fort Battleford in 1885.

Chief Wandering Spirit and 7 other men were accused of killing nine settlers and taking others hostage. However, some people think there’s more to that story.

Ray Fox is keeper of the Wandering Spirit grave-site. He says whatever you might think of what they did, their resting place should be respected.

“I’m just saying we need to talk about these kinds of things because this is not pretty, as you can see, when you’re looking at this gravestone and it’s been deliberately pushed over and our tee-pee structure here that we erected as a memorial to these warriors is strung all over this place in this piece of property.  That’s not respect.”


Fox says one solution to the vandalism may be more dialogue about the history of the area.