A fire official with the province says they are keeping an eye on two wildfires north of La Ronge.

The “Louie” fire is 2,000 hectares in size, while the Paull fire is significantly smaller than that.

The blazes have caught the attention of an outfitter who has used the media to publicly call on the province to do more to protect properties that could be threatened.

The director of the Provincial Fire Centre, Steve Roberts, says they have talked to the outfitter and set up a sprinkler system.

But Roberts says the fires are too far away to be acted upon:

“In the far north, where we will protect values from the fire, our goal is not to suppress every fire 100%.  And part of the reason is that fire is a naturally occurring ecosystem event on the landscape, and suppressing a fire now means there will still be fuel that will burn next year or the year after or the year after.”

He adds, at last word, the Louie fire was also burning away from the direction of the outfitting camp.