Saskatchewan senator Lillian Dyck is satisfied with the way Parliament Hill security staff have responded to her concerns about a memo advising senators to stay away from Aboriginal protesters.

The memo was sent out in advance of last Friday’s Aboriginal Day march on Parliament Hill.

Dyck says the underlying theme was one of fear and caution.

She  was told the memo was sent in error and she received an apology.

Dyck says she is glad she brought the issue forward.

“I hope what I have done is prevent future problems because my concern was is this type of memo kept being sent out there could have been a problem created when there really was none.”

She says the same tone of memo would never have been sent if it involved a Francophone group protesting.

Dyck says there will be a lot more Aboriginal protests on Parliament Hill this summer and she wants to be assured the demonstrators will be treated with the same respect as any other group expressing opinions.

She suggests a little more cultural awareness training may be in order for security staff.