One of the co-founders of the Idle No More movement is not surprised by a memo from parliament hill security warning senators to stay away from those attending last Friday’s National Aboriginal Day March.

Jessica Gordon was one of the many aboriginal people who took part in the march.

She is not buying the explanation that the memo was sent out in error.

“In error?  No that is not a good enough explanation,   I guess we have been labeled for far too long.”

The issue was brought forward by Saskatchewan senator Lillian Dyck.

She told the Saskatoon Star Phoenix she was stunned and offended by the memo.

She demanded and received an apology from the director of the senate protective service.

Patrick McDonnell says the memo was sent in error and he apologized if anyone was offended by it.

The memo read, “Avoid any interaction with the demonstrators.”

Dyck says no such warning was sent out before other protests on parliament hill and she wonders why aboriginal groups were singled out.