A former student of St. Pascal’s Day School in Green Lake is encouraging fellow survivors to sign onto a class action lawsuit that is being filed against the institution.

Paul Laliberte says he suffered physical abuse at the school in the 1960’s.

He says the facility was staffed by nuns the first four years he went there, but after that teachers were brought in.

He says he and others were frequently hit with rulers and straps.

They also weren’t allowed to speak their native tongues, and lost much of their culture as a result.

He says the physical abuse got so bad that he quit school at age 14.

“Basically I wouldn’t go back.  I told my Dad I’m not going to go back because of the abuse that was happening at the school.  So I don’t know how much longer it ran, but like I said, when I was 14, I left.”

He adds the suit is being filed by a law firm in Calgary and should be completed in the coming weeks.

Right now lawyers are debated whether to name the provincial or federal government as defendants.

Around 40 people have signed onto the action so far and Laliberte says other students and institutions are welcome to join if they wish to.