Tami Starlight and Vanessa Bui are traveling across Canada as part of the Decolonize and Anti-Oppression Workshop Tour, which stopped in Saskatoon on Monday night.

The tour began in late April, and the two have stopped in pretty much every major city between Vancouver and Halifax and are now on their way back home to the West coast.

Bui says when they discuss decolonization in the workshops, it requires unlearning past history.

“Decolonization is unlearning the history we’ve been taught and relearning the real history of Indigenous people in Canada and how that has affected them, but not just them, ourselves, every single person that lives in this colony,” she says.

Starlight adds the workshops have been gradually gathering support since they began hosting them.

“We’ve reached out to such a diverse amount of people in this colony called Canada and the workshops have been a tremendous success and we’re going to be continuing,” she says. “ The event took place at the Core Neighbourhood Co-op on 20th Street West.