A Regina archaeologist is in charge of a little known and very sacred collection at the Royal Saskatchewan museum.

Evelyn Siegfried is the curator of aboriginal studies for the museum.

“It is an incredible heritage and we can learn so much from it.”

As part of her work she has cataloged nearly 200 sacred First Nations objects,  mostly from Treaty Four land.

The items are not for public display, but they can be borrowed by first nations who have a connection to them.

“So it is for aboriginal people who have connections to the objects,  there is a list of the objects that is only given out to aboriginal people of the province.”

In addition to the sacred objects, there are more than a million aboriginal artifacts at the museum,  some dating back  thousands of  years.

Only a small portion are on display, the rest are in boxes, stored away waiting to be cataloged and filed.

Siegfried herself is of native heritage.