The president of the Alumni association at the First Nations University says it is time to celebrate the successes of the institution and the contributions its graduates are making in today’s society.

Milton Tootoosis says the association has only recently been formed, but he hopes to give it the profile it deserves in the hopes of giving back to the institution.

Tootoosis says most people know about the troubled past of the FNU and its near collapse a few years ago, but he says not enough people know about its successes.

There is definitely a story that the media did not profile at all over the politicians who  tried to pull the plug on this institution just a couple of years ago.”

This past weekend the association staged one of its first events:

A luncheon with guest speaker former AFN chief Ovide Mercredi.

He talked about the importance of education and how it is shaping a new generation.

Tootoosis wants to host many more events like the Mercredi luncheon.

He says more than 20 thousand people have gone through the doors at the FNU,  many are now community leaders and decision makers.

He is calling on them to keep the university strong and financially healthy.

“My vision is to see these alumni contribute back with some resources and some time to help reconnect with this institution that helped develop their foundation.”

The Indian federated college was the forerunner to the FNU which was officially opened by Prince Edward in 2003.

Current enrollment is about 500 students.