A First Nations fashion designer from the Montreal Lake Cree nation is getting noticed in Hollywood.

Linda Lavallee now lives in Chilliwack B.C. but part of her business still operates out of Saskatchewan.

She designs and makes one of a kind handcrafted boots.

Her latest order, went further and included a suit for Native American actor and elder, Saginaw Grant.

He plays an Indian Chief in the movie, “The Lone Ranger” starring Johnny Depp.

Saginaw will wear the boots and suit at this weekend’s Hollywood  premier of the movie.

Lavallee is thrilled and honoured.

“It is so exciting, we are just very ecstatic that a designer actually wanted some of our stuff.”

Lavallee’s aunt and niece, who are in Saskatchewan,  are part of the business which is called, “Creenisgaa”.

They prepare and select the hides before they are shipped to her in B.C. for artwork and finishing touches.

Lavallee also credits her home community, the Montreal Lake Cree Nation for her success:

“I would have not made it this far without their help.    They have come through a few times to buy sewing machines for me,  it’s just amazing.”

It takes about two or three weeks to complete an order and the average cost for a pair of handcrafted boots is about three hundred dollars.