An all-party government committee will travel to northern Saskatchewan next month seeking public input on ways to reduce the number of highway related fatalities in the province.

The committee travels to Pelican Narrows on June 10 and La Ronge on June 11.

Sask Party MLA Darryl Hickie, the chair of the committee, says there are some traffic safety issues that are particular to northern Saskatchewan that they would like to address.

“You know, we heard from SGI that every one of the fatalities in the northern part of the province was a direct result of people not wearing a seatbelt,” he says. “That’s very troublesome because seatbelt legislation has been in place since 1976, I believe, in this province and people are still not putting on their seatbelt and it’s the simplest way to try to prevent yourself from being killed in an accident.”

Hickie says the government is also concerned about the increase in accidents caused by driver distraction through the use of handheld communications devices.

The committee will also be traveling to Regina, Saskatoon, Estevan and Prince Albert.