Patience is wearing thin for some members of the Pheasant Rump First Nation in Southeast Saskatchewan.

About 20 of them showed up in Carlyle provincial court this morning expecting to hear what sentence the chief would get after pleading guilty to sexual assault.

Instead the case was adjourned until August 7th.

The charge against Terrence McArthur involves the inappropriate touching of a teenage girl on the reserve in April of 2012.

Many on the Pheasant Rump first nation, including band councilor Clarissa McArthur are calling for the chiefs resignation.

She was also very disappointed in the delay in sentencing.

“Well they have had all this time already, you know his conviction date has been adjourned numerous times.  He finally pleads guilty to such a crime and now it’s adjourned again

Prosecutors are proceeding by way of summary conviction against Chief Terrence McArthur, which is reserved for less serious cases.

Had it proceeded by way of indictment the penalties are much more severe.

Lawyers will prepare a pre-sentence report which will be submitted to the judge in the next couple of months.

The sentencing hearing takes place August 7th in Carlyle provincial court.