Parks Minister Kevin Doherty says the newest park in the province could be open by this summer.

Yesterday the province announced it has approved the creation of the 35th provincial park in Saskatchewan.

Great Blue Heron Park comprises 11,000 hectares and features 300 campsites.

Doherty says they came up with the name after talking to local stakeholders.

He adds consultations about the project were done first:

“So we have done extensive consultations over the past three or four years.  As a matter of fact we were hoping to introduce this legislation a year ago.  We introduced it last fall in 2012, we were originally hoping to introduce it in the fall of 2011 but realized we hadn’t done sufficient consultations and wanted to go back out and take another year to speak with people.”

The park is located in the Anglin and Emma Lake area.

Doherty says they still have some paperwork to do but he hopes the park can be open by July or August.