A handful of protesters, many of who were First Nations, marched through the streets of Prince Albert on Saturday.

They carried signs objecting to the use of genetically modified foods.

Tammy St. Denis of the Muskoday First Nation is one of the people who marched in the demonstration.

She says genetically modified foods are becoming more and more prevalent in our society.

“They’re putting mixed genes in to make food, people are finding horse genes inside of salmon,” she says.

She claims many of the GMO chemicals are being used on vegetables.

Jennifer Abbot of the Pelican Lake First Nation says she doesn’t trust genetically modified foods either.

“It’s not natural, there’s nothing natural about what they’re putting into our food,” she says. “I’m just worried about my children and the future generations to come.”

She says GMO’s are gaining widespread use and beginning to affect the whole world.