A scandal on the Pheasant Rump first nation in South-east Saskatchewan has torn the small community apart.

The chief, Terrence McArthur, has admitted to inappropriately touching a teenaged girl on the reserve in April of 2012.

He will be sentenced in a Carlyle courtroom tomorrow morning on a charge of sexual assault.

Many on the reserve of about 160 residents are calling for the chief’s resignation.

Among them is Julie Kakakaway who works in the band’s health clinic.

“You know it is kind of like he is laughing at the community because he hasn’t stepped down and he is still coming into the band office.”

Kakakaway says she knows both the victim and her mother and says they have since moved away.

She says the reserve is split with some downplaying the charges against the chief and others demanding he step down.

“You know they are split of course because this reserve is like one big family.”

Kakakaway says she will be in court tomorrow to see what the justice system decides.

Prosecutors are proceeding by way of summary conviction on the charges, which is reserved for less serious cases.