An official with the Prince Albert Grand Council is being singled out for some high praise.

Richard Kent, the emergency services commissioner for the PAGC, is being awarded the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal.

The honour is given to individuals with a long record of protecting people and property.

Kent has spent over 30 years working in the emergency protective services field.

That covers everything from wildfires to flood protection.

He says he enjoys working with the people of the north who do a lot of the protective services work on the ground.

“Yeah absolutely, it’s our First Nations communities, the members of the emergency services, that really look after all of our communities and very selflessly, they do that year round,” he says. “It’s a dangerous occupation and they’re thinking of their community and not themselves.”

Kent will receive his award on May 30 in Saskatoon.

This week, he will be in La Ronge to help firefighters there get ready for the fire season.