An ambitious new project is taking shape in Prince Albert to preserve and promote First Nations history and culture.

The Prince Albert Grand Council is launching a virtual museum to show life prior to residential schools, during their operation and after they closed.

Curator Jalal Fietz says they plan to launch the website in the fall or early winter.

She says items, stories and photographs will be accepted from communities throughout the province.

Fietz adds she has seen many photographs from residential schools themselves, but the problem is the names of the children aren’t included:

“So like in archives and museums right now if you go and see pictures from that time-period there’s no names.  So we really want to focus on naming individuals in those photographs.  That’s why if we get photographs from people themselves they can point out people in the photographs, give those people names so that those names will be recorded. ”

Fietz adds they also want to construct an actual physical museum in the future as well.