Some of the top housing analysts, experts, and innovators from across Canada are wrapping up a two day brainstorming session in Regina.

The goal is to come up with effective ways to deal with the affordable housing crises impacting many Canadian cities.

The forum was organized by Regina’s mayor, Michael Fougere. He says the housing summit is a lot more than just talk:

“This is not a two-day conference where nothing happens. The information we are going to get here will inform us on our decisions and our strategies and practical solutions to what we are going to do in the future.”

One of the many solutions presented at the conference was using recycled cargo containers to build apartment units.  The first project of its kind has been approved in Vancouver.  It took two years to clear all the red tape.  The C.E.O. of the property management company behind the project is Janice Abbott.

She says meeting all the building codes in Vancouver will now make it easier for other cities to pursue.  She also says the finished project is very attractive and costs about one third of conventional apartments:

”The shipping container housing actually looks stunning. It is far better looking than even I expected it to be so the support from the immediate neighbors has been fantastic.”

One of those attending the summit was Alaina Harrisson with the Carmichael Outreach Centre.  She says she was there to represent the homeless who could not afford the $275.00 registration fee.  Harrison says while she has some issues with the conference, she says it was very worthwhile:

“Absolutely.  I really do commend the mayor on coming forward and seeking solutions.  It is a wonderful, wonderful summit and we are happy to be a part of it.”

The housing summit looked at everything from creative ways to finance affordable housing projects, to using recycled materials to build them.

The conference wraps up this afternoon.