There will be an early election on the Standing Buffalo First Nation — and it is expected to be a hotly-contested race.

It is not clear if Chief Roger Redman is seeking re-election, but he did win a bit of a court victory today.

A compromise deal was worked out in Federal Court in Regina to have him remain in charge until the election is held on August 2, a couple of months ahead of schedule.

Redman has been under attack for months over the band’s spending.  A vote was held to impeach and an election was called in March to replace him.  Roberta Soo Oyawaste won the that election, but the results were never recognized.

Those actions are now on hold as a result of today’s Federal Court decision:

“It felt like a mediation process today and it felt good, you know — that we can work out our own differences at the community level, and I think that is just awesome.”

Redman says it is time to move forward:

“You know, all around, I think it is a win-win for everybody — especially to see some resolve and some clear direction.”

Elders will vote on the compromise deal June 15. If approved, the general election will be held in August.