The Worker’s Compensation Board says it’s difficult to know just how many people were injured in northern Saskatchewan mines last year.

Phil Germain of WCB says most mining companies list their head office as being in Saskatoon or Regina.

Because of this, he says even if an injury occurs at a northern mine it may be classified as happening in either Regina or Saskatoon.

Germain says WCB is always seeking to improve reporting methods but for now this is the system they’re using.

“So they might be working on a project at a northern mine and have injuries or a potential fatality but because that employer’s home address is in – say for example North Battleford – the claim would go to that employer and their workplace,” he says.

Germain estimates there were 45 to 50 injuries at northern mines last year along with 2 deaths but he can’t say for sure.

He notes some mining companies sub-code their incidents which enables the compensation board to determine exactly where the injury occurred.

But he says the number of companies that do this is very few.