Two more Saskatchewan First Nations now have SaskTel’s High Speed Internet Service.

The expansion to the Poundmaker and Sweetgrass reserves is part of an initiative first announced in 2010.

That was the year SaskTel pledged to provide High Speed Internet service and 4G coverage to 28 First Nations communities in the province.

The utility says Aboriginal Affairs, the FSIN and the Saskatoon Tribal Council have made important contributions to this project.

SaskTel spokesperson Tara Tibeau says there are still two more reserves, Cote and Kinistin, which will also be receiving the service.

“The reason why we haven’t got to those two yet is weather conditions,” she says. “We have had the people to go do the work, infrastructure work, but there’s so much snow on the last two that are outstanding that they can’t access the area they need to get to. So, we hope those will be done in early spring here.”