The NDP opposition is accusing the Saskatchewan Party government of compromising the safety of northern residents saying the province is ignoring much-needed upgrades to roads.

During question period in the legislature on Wednesday, northern NDP MLA Buckley Belanger noted a highway leading into Cumberland House is ranked as the worst road in Saskatchewan in a Canadian Automobile Association online poll.

Belanger says the province is reaping significant financial rewards out of northern Saskatchewan’s mining industry and now it is time to put some money back into area roads.

“The Sask Party government draws out millions, if not billions, of dollars out of the north from all sorts of mining,” he says. “They should at least have the decency to realize the transportation of those goods has to be done safely,” he says.

Highways Minister Don McMorris responds the government continues to put in record amounts of dollars into the province’s roads which accounts for a far greater investment overall than when the NDP was in government.

“When you compare our funding over the last six years compared to the previous six years of the NDP, it is an increase for highways alone by 76 per cent,” he says.