The Standing Buffalo First Nation is taking steps to ensure a political confrontation between the chief and some residents on the reserve doesn’t spill over into the classroom.

Chief Roger Redman confirms an incident that shut down the school last week sparked concern among teachers and parents.

As a result, the band has hired security guards to monitor the school.

“Yeah, we have two of them that are there and they have their CPICs,” he says. “One of them is a lady, she worked there before.”

He adds the two guards will remain in place until things calm down and the political turmoil has been tough on the students and teachers.

A sit-in last Friday apparently turned ugly and is the reason behind guards being placed at the school.

Chief Redman and his council have been dogged for months by accusations of improper spending and calls to step down.

A rival chief and council was elected last Sunday but as of yet they have not been formally recognized.

The official election is not scheduled until September and Aboriginal Affairs is refusing to get involved.