The president of the Regina Police Association is demanding tighter controls over the department’s Facebook page.

Over the weekend, the page was filled with negative comments with some even encouraging violence against police.

Evan Bray says the association first raised concerns last November but since then things have turned for the worse.

“It is basically a soapbox for people in the community to slander police officers, to threaten police officers and to ultimately make disparaging comments in general when that is not the forum, that is not what is intended of Facebook,” he says.

Last night, comments included various obscenities directed at police.

One poster wrote, “The only good cop is a dead cop.”

The rash of negative comments followed the weekend shooting of a pitbull by an officer.

The officer and his dog were in pursuit of an assault suspect when they were attacked by the pitbull in the backyard of a Regina home.

Another officer opened fire on the pitbull.

The police association wants all public comments to the Facebook page reviewed before they are posted.

The police department is looking at ways to more closely monitor the site.

Today, the police service Facebook page was closed to public comments.