A Metis leader says he’s not going to wait for the federal government when it comes to creating economic development for his people.

Clem Chartier of the Metis National Council says there was very little for the Metis in the recent federal budget — but he’s not surprised.

“It’s like other years, we’ll have to look to the general allocations to see what we can access…”

He explains the financial plan only makes passing references to Aboriginal people and no specific references to the Metis.

Chartier says he hopes that changes in the future but for now he plans to focus on portfolios like economic development.

“I think that’s what we’re doing.  Industry seems to be receptive.  As we move forward with the federal government, we’ll be able to adjust its current funding envelopes  to be able to accommodate the Metis more and more as we move forward.  At least that’s our hope.”

He adds plans are being made to adopt a national Metis economic development strategy later this year.

The MNC was notified last year a 10% cut was coming to its core funding.

That is expected to be fully implemented by 2014.

However, Chartier says they still expect to get the same programs as before.