Saskatchewan’s Public Complaints Commission has confirmed it is investigating an alleged “starlight tour” involving Saskatoon police.

Social media exploded last week after a woman made allegations a 19-year-old man had been dropped off by police outside city limits and forced to walk home in frigid temperatures.

David Wade, an investigator with the commission, says as of yet his organization has not received a formal complaint regarding the allegation and they are trying to make contact with the original complainant.

“I am aware our investigator in Saskatoon, who has been assigned to investigate, has attempted to make contact with the person who has made the allegation – allegedly – and as far as I know there has been no direct contact but we are aware of who the person allegedly is and we are trying to make contact with them.”

He says if the allegation proves to be unsubstantiated, charges could be laid against the person who made it.

However, Wade adds charges would likely only be laid if a person intentionally misled authorities and this may not necessarily be the case in this circumstance.

Police say their global positioning system indicates no squad cars were outside city limits during the alleged time and in-car cameras indicate the man in question was not in their custody.