Liberal leadership hopeful Justin Trudeau met with a handful of chiefs from the Prince Albert Grand Council yesterday.

Some of the topics raised included the treaty-process facing the Dakota people and problems negotiating with the federal government.

Speaking after the event, Trudeau says he has also heard many requests from chiefs to revisit the Kelowna Accord.

“The basis of what was the Kelowna Accord came back many times during this conversation as a necessary step we need to re-launch,” he says.

Trudeau was non-committal about the issue of resource revenue sharing with First Nations but he says it is a conversation worth having.

He was accompanied at the meeting by Regina Liberal MP Ralph Goodale who is backing his leadership bid.

Trudeau says he believes the Harper government is working against First Nations instead of with them.

He adds he has been impressed by the Idle No More movement and the energy it has created.

The son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau says he believes the country has been divided over political gains as of late and this is something he strongly disagrees with.