Appeals will likely be filed after a judge ordered two men convicted of manslaughter released from custody on Thursday.

Ronald Zerr, 25, was sentenced to nine years in prison and Ashton Lavallee, 24, seven years in the 2008 death of Albert Lowenberger.

However, both men have already been in jail for five years and were granted double time – meaning their sentences are now complete.

Members of Lowenberger’s family stormed out of a Regina courtroom after hearing the sentences.

Crown prosecutor Chris White says an appeal of the sentences will be considered.

Albert Lowenberger, 26, was fatally stabbed in the heart after a fight outside a north Regina tavern five years ago.

Two other men, including Lowenberger’s twin brother Robert, also suffered knife wounds in the altercation.

In making his decision, the judge ruled Zerr and Lavallee were the victims of an unprovoked attack by three other men.