Despite a rise in the number of HIV infections in the province, health officials are seeing some positive results.

The latest figures were released at an Aids conference hosted by the All Nations hope aids network in Regina.

In 2011, there were 186 new infections, 81% of them were in the aboriginal community and most were the result of sharing dirty needles.

Doctor John-mark Opondo is the head of the provincial HIV strategy team, he says the numbers are not all bad.

“In some of our centres where we’ve been able to situate HIV-prevention programming, in fact the numbers have stabilized and in fact in some regions the numbers have actually started to go down between 2010 and 2011.  So there’s a mixed picture.”

Health minister Dustin Duncan unveiled the numbers. He says he is encouraged to see that more people are getting tested.

“I think a large part of that increase is due to the fact that there is more testing that is taking place.”

In fact, the number of people getting tested was up 25%.

Saskatchewan’s HIV infection rate is the highest in Canada and more than twice the national average.