A fisher from Dore Lake says the state of commercial fishing in the province appears to be looking up.

Jonathan Fonos operates out of Dore Lake, and catches, processes and sells his own product.

Fonos notes the price for whitefish has gone up significantly recently, adding “we’re seeing prices that we have never seen before”.

On April 1st of this year, Saskatchewan fishers exited out from under the monopoly of the FFMC — a move that has sparked interest and offers from other marketers.

He believes the presence of these other buyers in the province has helped spark better prices from the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation:

“I would think so — because just the idea that there’s a chance that could happen, all of sudden we’re seeing better fish prices.  So, what does that tell you?”

Fonos says, at this point, the FFMC is still the best option for fishers — but that could change.