The booming provincial economy is reflected in the latest survey results in the “Taking the Pulse of Saskatchewan” research project by the University of Saskatchewan.

Aboriginal people and the rest of the population are optimistic about the economy, the chances of finding a decent job and the prospect of owning a home.

The numbers are a major turnaround from 10 years ago.

Back then, only about half of the respondents to a similar survey said they were optimistic that young people could find a good job in this province.

Even among Aboriginal respondents, the optimism was high with 80% saying job prospects for youth looked good. When asked what education level was needed to become a productive member of society, 32% felt a high school diploma was good enough, while nearly 40% said a bachelor’s degree was needed.

On taxation, 79% of Aboriginal respondents felt high income earners should pay more taxes to bring low income earners up to the poverty line, while 69% of non-aboriginals supported such a move.

The final report on the “Taking the Pulse” series will be released on Monday, when the in-depth public opinion research project looks at Aboriginal issues.