About 300 people marched from the Sakatchewan legislative building to Court of Queen’s Bench in Regina last night to give a voice to murdered babies.

The “Silenced Children” walk was organized by Amanda Trevors.  Her two-year-old daughter, Natalia Marie Dawn Shingoose, died in June.  A Regina man is currently before the courts facing a second-degree murder charge.

Amanda says the march gives children like her daughter a voice:

“There’s so many kids that are being affected — kids in foster care.  This shouldn’t happen to our children.  We trusted our children with those people, and they broke that trust and it’s not fair.”

The group is calling for a mandatory life sentence with no chance of parole for at least 10 years for convicted child killers, and they say there should no opportunity for bail.

There have been three recent cases before the courts in Regina where children or babies were hurt or killed by caregivers.