AREVA has announced the signing of two contracts to supply 30,000 tonnes of uranium to the EDF Group.

The deals cover the period 2014 to 2035 and will be the largest deliveries of uranium ever carried out by the company.

AREVA spokesperson Jarret Adams says the agreements should ensure good future for northern facilities:

“EDF is a major electric utility.  It’s the largest operator of nuclear power plants in the world, and one of the largest electricity producers in Europe.  They’re involved in a number of projects in China.  In fact, most importantly, EDF is AREVA’s largest single customer.  As you know, AREVA is a partner in the McArthur River mine — as well as the Cigar Lake mine, which we expect to come on stream next year.”

Adams notes EDF is involved in generation, transmission, distribution and the trading of nuclear power.