Some of the people who received vaccinations this summer at the La Ronge Health Centre are being asked to repeat those vaccinations.

The advisory affects 19 people who were vaccinated for tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough after this summer’s prolonged power outage.

Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region CEO Andrew McLetchie says the outage affected refrigeration in the emergency area of the hospital:

“The health region does have emergency power for certain areas of the building — and our fridges in acute care and emergency are typically on that power.  For some reason, there must have been a disconnect in power that happened — so we’re, in a sense, trying to find out exactly what occurred.”

McLetchie says the move is a precaution and the health of the patients should not be affected.

He says officials have identified all of the people involved and are contacting them by phone and letter:

“If they receive a letter, they can come back to our public health department and get an immunization.  What we’re saying is, just because of the nature of vaccinations, that we would like people to wait at least 28 days prior to coming back to get another immunization.”

Those who received vaccines from the Public Health office on the upper level of the La Ronge Health Centre are not affected.