Weather conditions don’t seem to have been the reason for a mid-air plane crash that killed five people on Saturday.

The crash occurred at about 8:30 Saturday morning near St. Brieux, about 170 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

Transportation Safety Board Spokesman Peter Hildebrand says indications are the weather was good that day.

“The weather was relatively clear, there were gusty winds but that would have affected things more on the surface rather than higher-up aloft.  So it’s not the case where there was thunderstorms or clouds and they’re flying in the cloud and hit each other.  That does not seem to be the case.”

Joy and Eric Jackson were flying from Regina to La Ronge.

Eric Donovan, his 11-year-old son Wade, and pilot Denny Loree, were in the other plane, flying from Calgary to St. Brieux.