The Truth and Reconciliation Commission continued hearings in Fort Qu’Appelle on Tuesday.

Residential School Survivors shared more stories with one another about their experiences inside the institutions.

Marilyn Keepness says she and her siblings never knew exactly what their late Mother went  through during her time at the institution, but the experience left its mark on their entire family:

“She didn’t have the support and I didn’t know, my brothers, my sisters, we didn’t know what she went through.”

Keepness adds her Mother also said the compensation money never made up for what she endured at the school.

Meantime a representative from the United Church of Canada also attended Tuesday’s session.

Sue Bland says she has been listening for months now to tales of former students who attended the institutions.

She says the stories have affected her in a variety of ways:

“I’ve been listening since January to these stories and I feel like a beginner. I really feel like I am just starting.  I want to thank the people who have had the courage to share their stories with me because the stories you have shared have changed my story, who I am, what it is to be a Canadian. My idea of a Canadian before is a little rosier than it is now.”

The hearings wrap up later today.