Friday’s election results on the Poundmaker Cree Nation may be appealed.

Wes Favel, a spokesman for a group called Concerned Citizens of Poundmaker, says they are unhappy with the outcome.

He says under band custom rules, people convicted of theft can’t hold office. Yet on Friday, Chief Duane Antoine and councillor Colin Favel were re-elected, even though both have pleaded guilty to theft under $5,000.

Favel says the appeal will be filed with an election tribunal — probably later this week.

He says if the tribunal’s decision doesn’t satisfy the group, they may take the matter to court — but that would be a last resort:

“We don’t go outside on a band custom.  We try to solve this within.”

Favel notes there was a bright side to the election for his group. Two of its members — Paul Favel and Colby Tootoosis — were elected councillors.