Cameco has donated a fire-truck to Beauval.

The truck used to reside at the Key Lake mine, and was scheduled to be phased out due to some routine


The 1982 IHC unit is in good working shape though, and a worker at the mine suggested to the company

that Beauval could use a new truck.

Cameco agreed to the suggestion and has since delivered the truck to the mine.

The company’s Gary Merasty says they were pleased to help out:

“That can serve the community very well for many years to come.  So it’s just a great opportunity for us to work with the town of Beauval.

Beauval’s deputy mayor, Elaine Malbeuf, says they’re grateful for the vehicle.

“Yeah, our municipality’s been strapped for funds and what-have-you to replace our existing unit so the donation was graciously received.”

The new truck was delivered in time for the community barbecue.