A water engineer from the Prince Albert Grand Council has been sent to Black Lake to help address a low-water problem there.

For just over two weeks, water pressure on the reserve has been sporadic.  

Residents say they have to wait for hours for the water to come on — and when it does, it is at extremely low pressure.

As a result, they’re filling up water containers whenever possible.

Brian Phaneuf works in the PAGC’s engineering section.

He says the problem could stem from a broken pipe, but they need to find out for sure.

“See, we don’t actually facilitate the work — we coordinate and advise.  So, for a break like that, we don’t have equipment of that type if it’s a water break.  They’ll have to get in a backhoe.”

Phaneuf notes that breaks sometimes happen this time of year when frost is coming up from the ground.