Northern Saskatchewan contractors aren’t being used as much as they could be, at least according to a member of an Aboriginal Affairs advisory group.

John Keyuk says too many large companies from out-of-province wind up getting major contracts in the region:

“And yet, we have all kinds of people walking the street in the north that are journeyman and apprentices — third- and fourth-year apprentices — that are not getting the opportunity to be working.”

Keyuk feels northern operators could do a lot of the work if they were just sub-contracted out more often and given a chance:

“It’s crucial that small businesses do well.  And when I look at the growth going on right now, just in the uranium sector, we should have every contractor in the north working to their full potential.”

He adds the uranium companies do employ a lot of Aboriginal workers, which he appreciates — but he feels they could do a little more work with northern contractors, too.

Keyuk was recently appointed to the National Aboriginal Economic Advisory Board.

He lives in Prince Albert and is a part owner of a northern construction business.