First Nations education and water treatment systems on reserve are both getting money in this year’s federal budget.

Ottawa says it plans to spend $330 million over two years to fix up infrastructure needed for safe-drinking water supplies on reserve.

It will also spend $175 million to build and renovate First Nations schools on reserve, and spend $100 million more to provide early literacy over a three-year period.

That money is also expected to help strengthen the relationship between schools on reserve and the provincial school system.

There is no mention, however, of doing away with the two per cent cap on annual increases to education funding for First Nations students.

Meantime, in lesser moves, the government says it plans to boost the Family Violence Prevention Program to the tune of $12 million.

Jim Flaherty’s financial plan also calls for $27 million to be spent renewing the Urban Aboriginal Strategy.

The Department of Aboriginal Affairs is also going under the knife.

The department will lose nearly $27 million this year, $60 million next year and $165 million in 2014-2015.

Ottawa says the money will be found through restructuring, changes to business procedures and other operational efficiencies.