The push is on to cut down on the number of Tuberculosis cases in Fond du Lac.

An awareness campaign is being launched in the community to inform residents about the dangers of the illness and warning signs to watch for.

Katelyn Yaden is a registered nurse in the community.

She estimates every year there are 5 to 25 cases of T.B. in Fond du Lac.

She says they are talking with health professionals and survivors of the illness to determine what they need to combat the illness in the community.

Yaden adds they are also opening up the clinic to local residents who want to get screened for Tuberculosis.

“So it’s important to come into the clinic.  It’s a quick, simple test and we’ll follow up with you and you can rule it out.  If it’s nothing it’s no big deal. It’s better to be safe than sorry and if we had every community member thinking that way than we can really stay ahead of T.B.”

Yaden reminds people T.B. is spread through the air and not through saliva. 

She adds anyone who has a new cough, fever, night sweats or a decreased appetite should come in for a screening, just to be on the safe side.